Friday, October 26, 2012


It was woe to the woman or girl who became shipwrecked and cast away with natives during the Victorian era. So it was for Barbara Crawford Thompson who was stranded in the Torres Strait in 1844 at age 13 years. Barbara had been taken from her home in Sydney an March 1843 and for over 160 years, the story of how she got there and how she survived alone with headhunters for five long years is now uncovered in the book "Wildflower" The Barbara Crawford Thompson Story
Wildflower: The Barbara Crawford Thompson Story Her story has long been a history mystery that has puzzled historians, researchers and the general public since Barbara was rescued in October 1849 .Now the true story can be told and the truth is definitely stranger than any fiction.
The book can be purchased direct from the Author by email and PayPal or by buying through Amazon UK.
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