Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Wildflower: The Barbara Crawford Thompson Story

Wildflower The Barbara Crawford Thompson Story appears to have a February Hoodoo. In an attempt to break what appears to be a supernatural preference, the Author tried valiantly to have the book's final revised edition on the stands by October 16th 2011 but printing and editing managed to slow the edition down. The Author then expected to have the edition out by Christmas 2011 but it appears that the hoodoo had again made Christmas a "no go" and with the printer now in the final stages [print run 10 days and delivery 18 days] it surely appears that February will be the delivery date for those who have already ordered the final edition. The first edition was printed in February 2003 and the second edition was meant for October 16th 2007 but was not released until February 2008. Hopefully all future print runs will be allowed to occur when needed. The book has been printed in both hardcover and paperback and is now in 9 point font with 268 pages. This story is one you will not easily forget as it covers the true life drama of a 12-year-old girl who was taken away from her home in Sydney and was not found until almost seven years later. She was rescued from an island inhabited by head hunters by Captain Owen Stanley in October 1849. The story cover all aspects of her life, including the disappearance of her two older sisters at the same time as Barbara went missing. It is a tale that will entrance you with the dramatic events that continued to unfold for this young waif from the moment her family boarded ship bound for Australia in 1837.

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