Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The true story of the shipwreck and stranding of Barbara Thompson [nee Crawford] can be found in the book "Wildflower" The Barbara Crawford Thompson Story. 

The differences between what has been known about this drama for the past 160 years and what has been uncovered by the Author are dramatic almost to the point of being unbelievable.

Her story had been covered up by all concerned after her rescue in October 1849 and this new book has managed to draw out all hidden material on how she became stranded with wild head hunters and on her life from birth to death. The book "Wildflower' The Barbara Crawford Thompson Story is now recognized as the Authority on her life and is being used in university lectures.

This book is enthralling to say the least and will take the reader into the 19th century so well, that one will find it hard to mentally come out from within that period. The book also carries the convict system for Queensland [then known as Northern New South Wales] and the fighting that ensued from white settlement on native lands.

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Foreword by Anna Bligh [Premier of Queensland]


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