Monday, September 17, 2012


There are several tales of shipwreck and castaways that have been recorded and/or handed down throughout history but none are mere dramatic or mysterious than that of the twelve-year-old Scottish lass Barbara Crawford [or Barbara Thompson] who was shipwrecked in the dangerous head hunting waters of the Torres Strait, just to the north of Australia.

Wildflower: The Barbara Crawford Thompson Story
Barbara told her rescuers some years later that a local tribe from Murralahg Island had adopted her and she had managed to survive when all was stacked against her. She also told them that she was 16 years old when she eloped with a man named William Thompson.

This information has been dis-proven and her "history mystery" completely unraveled, revealing a story that no fiction writer would be game to submit.

Just 12 years old when stolen away from her Sydney home by a convict from Brisbane, she survived the bush and sea travel her captor forced upon her before she, as a thirteen-year-old was trapped alone with tribal head hunters for 5 long years. 

The 264 page final edition of her story [25 years in the writing] was released on April 16th 2012 and will enthrall readers of history or novels in that her experiences surely show that fact can be much stranger than fiction.  
Contact the Author direct for a signed copy of this wonderful true story on Payment can be made with PayPal and look for special prices on this Blog. 

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  1. Hi there, I'm trying to track down a copy of this book. I can't find it anywhere... It is mentioned above that it can be shipped to the UK. Can a copy be shipped to the USA?

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